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Kamis, 21 April 2011

By the Boss up, Obama Take Jas

President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, visited the office of social networking sites most popular pages today, up. In the place that Obama's casual dialogue with employees up, even had time to "mock" their boss.

Obama said he was proud that it was he who first created the Mark Zuckerberg wear a tie and jacket. Section, founder and CEO of Facebook is always wear an undershirt shirt and jeans, like college kids.

"I'm the first person to make Mark Zuckerberg in a suit and tie,"joked Obama, as quoted by USA Today newspaper, in a dialogue which took place in the office up - which is located in the City of Palo Alto, Calif., Wednesday. Laughter greeted the audience, Zuckerberg was just smiling while responding to Obama's statement.

Obama revealed, Zuckerberg first official suit when invited to dinner at the White House in February. The young executive, said Obama seemed uncomfortable wearing formal clothes.

"During the dinner event was taking place, he began to sweat. He's really uncomfortable. I also helped him remove his jacket,"Obama told the audience.

In the dialog that also, in honor of guests as important as Obama, Zuckerberg in a suit and tie.

However, Obama said, because this time he is visiting the office Zuckerberg, then turn to him who respect the rules of dress party host. "Mark, if you want, we can remove the jacket now," Obama said as quoted by CNN.

So, they both immediately took off his jacket and continued dialogue. Action was inviting welcome roar of the audience, who did not think if Obama can appear so relaxed with Zuckerberg, like two close friends. In fact, their age pretty much adrift. Obama's 49-year-old and 26-year Zuckerberg.

In the dialog that guided Zuckerberg, Obama answered a number of questions about current issues, including the budget deficit problem that ensnare the U.S. economy.

In the end, Zuckerberg gave a memento to Obama. The prize was a long-sleeved shirts with the logo up in the chest. "Who knows you want to dress like me," said Zuckerberg. This time, Obama's turn to smile.

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

RVDV Want to Return to Madrid

Gelandang Tottenham Hotspur, Rafael van der Vaart, membuat pernyataan yang sangat mengejutkan. Van der Vaart mengaku ingin kembali ke Real Madrid.

Gelandang Timnas Belanda ini mengakui jika keluarganya merasa lebih nyaman tinggal di Spanyol dibanding di Inggris. Bahkan putranya, Damian, selalu ingin kembali ke Spanyol.

Alasan keluarga itulah yang membuat RVDV ingin kembali ke Santiago Bernabeu. Padahal tujuh bulan lalu, Madrid telah melempar RVDV ke White Hart Lane hanya dengan nilai transfer 8 juta poundsterling.

"Damian kecil hal terpenting dalam hidup saya. Dia dapat berbicara Inggris dan Spanyol tapi ia selalu mengatakan 'Ayah, kenapa kita tidak punya kolam renang di sini? Tidak ada matahari di sini? Ini tidak sama dengan di Madrid," ujar Van der Vaart dilansir yahoosport.

Besides his son, Van der Vaart also admitted that his wife, Silvie van der Vaart, should be back and forth to Spain for his work as a model. It is increasingly determined RVDV.

"Return to play at the Bernabeu is a dream for me. It will always be special. But playing at the Bernabeu is very unique so I would love to return to Madrid," he continued.

RVDV Courage is also not separated from the decision of the Spurs manager, Harry Redknapp, who several times the reserve itself. Since joining the Spurs, RVDV playing 19 games with a collection of 10 goals.

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Nuclear Radiation, Japan Secure Visited

Although nuclear reakor in Japan reportedly suffered damage following the earthquake on Friday last week, sunrise country was still safe to visit.

The view was expressed by members of the National Energy Council which is also the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Gajah Mada in Yogyakarta Tumiran, Wednesday evening (16/03/2011).

Tumiran said the government should not issue a travel warning for Indonesia people who want to visit Japan. "To this day radius of the radiation is still only a few kilometers only, and not all Japanese territory affected," said Tumiran.

Tumiran explained, the damage is still a leak, and the Japanese government still continued to make efforts to cool a nuclear reactor in Fukusima. The time needed to perform cooling is very dependent on the condition of uranium fuel used.

"If uraniumya are new, for cooling may take up to 1 or 2 years. But if you live the remnants of uranium, in a matter of days or weeks may have been successfully cooled reactor," he said.

Based on information obtained Tumiran, radiation exposure due to leakage of the reactor reached 400 milisievert Fukusima per hour. "Never mind the 400 milisievert per hour, 100 per hour milisievert alone is cause serious harm to human health," said Tumiran.

This figure far exceeds the threshold of radiation that can be tolerated by the human body. Ordinary human body is only able to receive radiation exposure of 0.15 per hour or 35 microsiever milisiever per year. Meanwhile, for workers who used to work at a nuclear reactor, which can be a little more resistant to 50 milisiever per year.

The impact of radiation exposure to the human body, according to Tumiran very complex, in addition to burning the body, also can damage body cells and the effect on the composition of human DNA.

"Apart from a sense of sympathy and sorry for the Japanese society, people in Indonesia need not worry because the radiation radius of only a few kilometers from the reactor

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Tsunami impact on Indonesia-Japan Business

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan, is affecting the business relations of Indonesia and Japan. Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia recognize some aspects of disturbed by the disaster.

"Throughout the business concerns there are some things that disturbed, because Japan is a significant trade partner," said Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Suryo B. Sulisto, during a press conference at Menara Kadin Rapimnas Kadin, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

Suryo said, Japan has been Indonesia's biggest creditor as well. Also Sakura country was also one of the largest investors.

So when Japan hit by the disaster and insustrinya disturbed, Indonesia will also be subject to impact. "Especially during these many of Japan's assistance for infrastructure, education and others," he said.

Suryo also said that many industries in Indonesia are the main ingredients from Japan. Moreover penyuplainya is the region affected by the disaster. "In addition, tourism is certainly subject to impact. Japanese tourists would decrease," he said.

The plan will help the Japanese Chamber of Commerce together with the government. Monday, March 21 Chamber of Commerce will sit down with government to discuss what can be done to help the Japanese business world.

"Kadin sympathies and commiserate with the number of victims. We've been there before, so know what it feels like something bad happens," he said.

Levels of Radiation in Japan Decreased NPP

The Japanese government announced a reduction in radiation levels in the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima, Dai-ichi. Previously, high radiation at this location due to explosion of three nuclear reactors since last Saturday.

"Based on reports I received, the rate has dropped to levels that do not endanger human health," said Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano, quoted by CNN page, Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

According to reports, at 3:30 local time, radiation levels at these locations has decreased from 596.4 microsieverts be microsieverts 11.930 per hour.

"We still need to monitor the situation closely, but currently not too much radiation from the reactor unit four," said Edano.

Previously, four reactor units were reported on fire, but firefighters successfully extinguished by a team of Japanese disaster team. although this unit is not in operation, still if the radiation from the reactor core could melt a large spread of radioactive substances.

Since Sunday, March 13, 2011, a total of 170,000 people within a radius of 20km from the nuclear power plant were evacuated, following the second nuclear reactor explosion. On Tuesday, the next nuclear reactor unit reportedly also explode.

The government urged people living in a radius of 30km from the location to not go out and close all doors and air ducts.

These are the 3 Best Current Concept Cars

The seriousness of car manufacturers who are grappling with environmental issues can be seen concept cars on display at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt Motor Show, 15 to 27 September 2009.

Application of the concept car of the future not just a luxury. But now have switched on the fuel efficiency of vehicles. Later, the manufacturer change from fuel oil to alternative fuels are more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, Road & Track select the best concept cars from prestigious automotive show in Frankfurt this week:

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics
Hybrid fuel mixing technology with turbodiesel fuel economy, makes the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics a future dream car. Integrating the concept of avant-garde styling and high performance in fuel-efficient package capable of carrying four passengers.

Space frame chassis cars use aluminum and coated with polycarbonate panels to form an aerodynamic car.

This concept is supported by two electric motors, one motor on each axle. Advanced motor powered by a battery, while the back is run using a 3-cylinder 1.5-liter turbodiesel.

This car is capable of producing 356 horsepower and 590 lb ft of torque. Speed ​​of 100 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds only taken from the state stopped.

Lexus LF-Ch
Imitating VW's campaign, "Think Small", the Japanese created a fuel efficient luxury cars, Lexus LF-Ch. Toyota again seek their fortune by selling the 5-door coupe in Europe after the U.S. market do not have hope.

This concept car uses a hybrid engine that combines the 4-cylinder engine with a battery. LF-Ch which are not only

offers fuel economy, but the vehicle that inspired styling of this coupe has spawned high-design vehicles.

Mini Coupe
50 years ago, the iconic Mini is launched. To commemorate the event, the British launched a Mini Coupe concept car. This popular car has 2 seats with a hatchback variant. The roof is offset by much lower

remove the back seat, and improve vehicle trunk into 5.7 to 8.8 cubic feet.

Coupe Concept vehicle has a wheelbase and width the same as the standard Mini. However, this concept car a little longer and 2 inches shorter than its predecessor. With a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine turbocharged to produce 208 horsepower.

Ban Captain Britain Back to Hand Terry

Ban England captain would soon be back around his arm John Terry. Because the England coach, Fabio Capello has already forgiven the mistakes that Chelsea players had made​​.

Terry lost the armband Three Lions hampered due to domestic problems. Capello denounce it after Terry was caught having an affair with a lingerie model named Vannessa Perroncel.

As reported by site metro.co.uk, Capello started considering to lift the sanctions. The Italian tire intend to restore the honor back to Terry.

"I think Terry has got enough punishment for a mistake," said Capello, Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

"I will soon make a decision on this. Not needed captain match in just one match. What is needed is a permanent captain," continued Capello.

In the near future, Capello will leave for Manchester. The goal is to break the news to the Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand who are candidates to succeed Terry.

"Terry also old enough to realize what he expected when the tire bears the England captain, Chelsea, and became one of the best players in the world," said Capello.

"He knows he should be trusted," he continued.

After the release of Terry, Capello then give the armband to Rio Ferdinand. But tire honor the return move to arm Liverpool, Steven Gerrard because Ferdinand injury.

"At the time of asthma, we must remember that he (Terry) has always been my main choice for the captaincy. Rio is on the second-until Terry made ​​a mistake," added Capello.